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Who are the Tandem Group?

Our Story

Created in 2010, Tandem Realty was a success from the outset, immediately growing from 4 to 6 offices, including a separate division, Tandem Property Management. We’ve continued to grow and adapt to the changing environment, which includes technology. In 2015 the Silverdale office opened, which is one of the most technologically advanced real estate offices in the country.


We’re strong believers that people make property and so we invest heavily in our staff, through in-house training programmes, mentoring and bringing the best new talent into the business, while retaining our expert professionals.


Systems run the company and people run the systems, so we focus on employing the best of both worlds here. The proof is in the pudding; our staff retention is exceptional, once people join the team, they stay at Tandem.


Our management team are exceptional mentors and focus on the human aspect of real estate. In the ever changing digital world, we believe the only way to create success for our salespeople is to embrace change, be progressive and to open the door to opportunities. 


We have Rodney covered! Our Silverdale office is the lead office for Tandem, which also owns and manages offices in Orewa, Whangaparaoa, Warkworth, Snells Beach and Matakana.  Further, we have access to the extensive network of experience of New Zealand’s largest, most innovative and most preferred real estate provider. 


At Tandem Realty we view ourselves as a community based business; we just happen to specialise in real estate.  Ultimately, we’re a company that had a dream, did the hard yards and carried it to fruition. In between having fun of course.